Aviation History:


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Ron Fischer in NC during the 100th Anniversary of the First Flight
December 17, 1903 - 2003


Ron w/Lone Eagle

Ron with Charles Lindbergh

Bonnie and Ron

Ron with Bonnie Tibursi  (First Female Airline Pilot)

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Ron Fischer on Flight to Japan flying past Mt. McKinley in Alaska


Misty Blues

Cindy, Lonnie, Me, Sandy, Bambi

The "Misty Blues" All Female Skydiving Team


Ron & Heather on Mars

Fox Network Charter flight 9440

Fox Network Charter flight 9440 to New Orleans for the Super Bowl 2002

Personal Aviation:

Cessna 150

Ron's little Cessna 150 (Sold)

Airplanes I have flown at American Airlines:

Skydiving:   and Bridge Jumping

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Ron Fischer