Here are some of our favorite web pages:

Synapse Imaging 
Ready Connect (Internet Service Provider)
M&M Systems
Long Island Hot Tubs & Paramount Pools (Robbie's LASER's)
Performance Designs (State of the Art Parachutes)
Strong Enterprises (The Parachute Company with Imagination)
Misty Blues (Female Parachute Demo Team)
Wilson Technological Center BOCES

Mars Odyssey in Orbit

Mars Exploration Rovers

Aviation web pages:
Airline Pilots Historical Society
Allied Pilots Association
American Airlines Pilots
American Airlines
Aircraft Owner's and Pilots Association
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
International Space Station naked eye viewing information
S.E.T.I .(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Landings Aviation Links
Cessna Pilots Association
Flagship Detroit DC-3
Federal Aviation Administration
FAA Preliminary accident reports
NTSB Accident Database
Experimental Aircraft Association
United States Parachute Association
Skydive Miami
Standard Aviation Briefing
National Weather Service
The Weather Channel

Interesting web pages:

Curb Shopping

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