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2011: We are both working flying out of NY, The Kids are great! I don't have time to update the web site anymore. Maybe in a few years! Anyway Merry Christmas!!! family 2010 update: I should be back on the 767 again in FEB 2011, after more training of course! Heather is on leave ( someone has to take care of the kids ) Thanks Heather! We are living in New
Hampshire, we still have the house on Long island for now, spending most of our time in New Hampshire. If you haven't heard we have a new little girl, Katie, she is doing great! so is Susie. Trying update the web site has been put down near the bottom of my to do list, I will be updating photo's in the near future. Please check back. Right now Susie wants me to go outside in the snow! family 2009 update: Ron was bumped out of his 767 Captain seat in NY and is now flying 737 Captain in Boston. Training was most of Dec and into Jan, right thru the holiday season, so most everything was delayed until after the Check ride!

Susie is getting bigger and saying more words every day. Heather is getting bigger every day also! We are due in April for a baby girl, for those of you that might not have heard yet. Her name is TBA after the birth. Heather has taken off from flying to continue her gestation!

  Life is busier and more complicated and those of you with kids are laughing at me now, but it is fun playing with Susie. She tells me where to sit and what book to read and so onů

We are still enjoying our family, and trying to visit our family and friends, like we always did, but it is getting harder as most of you know. So just a reminder to everyone our home is away open for visitors!


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Heather, Ron, and our dog
(yeah, I know its fake) 

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Ron Fischer  is now a Boeing 737 Captain, at American Airlines. Heather is  back on the MD-80 for American Airlines.  Ron & Heather are very active in general aviation, and living in New York, Central Florida and New Hampshire.  We have a flying station wagon (C-172RG) Much is going on right now so please check for future updates. For more personal information send me e-mail. I haven't had a chance to add much to the web site this winter, too much going on right now. Thanks for looking!

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